As of July 2019, if the purchaser is a business, the TPM rate after the date of acquisition of real estate or shares of a real estate company is as follows: Should administrative applications or registration fees (or other official fees) be paid for the purchase of shares in a company, business or assets in your country? In some sectors, there are restrictions that require the licensee to maintain a certain percentage of Malaysia`s or Bumiputera`s participation. For example: deposits are used regularly in Malaysia, where 10 percent of the purchase price is normally paid by the buyer to the seller at the time of signing transaction documents and can be refunded or cancelled in certain circumstances. As a general rule, the seller will refund the down payment to the buyer if the seller and buyer agree to each other not to continue the transaction or if the conditions are not met within the agreed time frame. On the other hand, the deposit may be cancelled for the benefit of the seller if the buyer does not wish to proceed unilaterally with the transaction or if the buyer has committed a significant offence before the conclusion. In the event of the acquisition of a business or asset, ownership of assets (including facilities, equipment and machinery) is transferred by delivery and in accordance with the terms of the underlying asset acquisition contract. As a general rule, an asset sale agreement contains a ownership clause in which the legal and economic ownership of commercial assets is considered to be transferred to the buyer by delivery after completion. Ancillary property assistance documents (for example. B sales bill) are also provided. Are transactions generally closing conditions? Describe the usual completion conditions for a seller and all other conditions that a buyer wishes to include in the agreement.

The parties are free to rule on the law applicable to transaction documents. However, the legal formalities and procedures for transferring shares, assets or assets remain governed by Malaysian law.