„I would like to take a moment to speak directly to you, Dr. Freeman. Yes, I speak to them, what is called the „One Free Man”. I have a question for you: how could you throw it all away? He`s a ghost. A man of science with the ability to waver reactionary and anxious minds towards the truth, choosing instead to take a path of ignorance and decadence. Don`t make a mistake, Doctor Freeman – it`s not a scientific revolution you`ve unleashed, it`s death and the end! You have brought down humanity into free fall. Even if you had offered your capitulation now, I cannot guarantee that our benefactors would accept it. For now, I fear that they have begun to look at me with suspicion, to the point that they serve as representatives of humanity. Help me regain your trust, Dr. Freeman. Pass while you still can. Help us to ensure that humanity`s trust in you is not diverted. Do the right thing, Dr.

Freeman. Serving people. During HalfTime 2, Dr. Breen is often seen and heard doing „Breencasts” – urban propaganda video programs with which he speaks directly to citizens and lots of powers. Breencasts consists of everything from the doctor who deals with citizens` concerns to an outlet for pro-combine propaganda. In both cases, Breen calls the „universal union” or „Our Benefactors,” which never use the term „combine,” except to try to mock the term. But when he is relaxed and not in front of the audience, he himself seems to use the word „combine.” Gammon is perhaps the best for his characters, Lou Brown, manager of the Cleveland Indians in the major leagues, and Nick Bridges, the father of Don Johnson`s main character in the television series Nash Bridges. He starred in the films Cool Hand Luke (1967), Urban Cowboy (1980), Any Which Way You Can (1980), Silverado (1985), Noon Wine (1985), The Milagro Beanfield War (1988), Major League (1989), Revenge (1990) The Adventures by Huck Finn (1993), Major League II (1994), Wyatt Earp (1994), Wild Bill (1995), Truman (1995), The Hi-Lo Country (1998), Cold Mountain (2003) and more recently Appaloosa (2008). He also had an unrecognized role in Natural Born Killers (1994). James Richard Gammon (April 20, 1940 in Us-Haft, USA; July 16, 2010 in Solla) was an American actor known in numerous films and television series as „good ol`boy”.

Gammon is best known as Lou Brown, the manager of the Major League and Major League II films, who represented a fictional version of the Cleveland Indians. Wallace Breen was at the time of the Black Mesa Incident in 200. During the events featured in Half-Life, it is neither seen nor mentioned directly, but always called „administrator.” At the end of the seven-hour war, he „negotiated” a peace agreement with the scheme that saved humanity, but at the cost of enslavement. His friend Sam Shepard paid tribute to Gammon, saying, „He was a guy who could revolve around most other actors, and he never pretended to be different from a kind of actor that works.” [2] He went on to say about the dead occupation of The Late Henry Moss: „I mean, a bunch of notoriously famous guys, and each of them came alone to me and said, `Who is this guy from Jim Gammon? Where did he come from? [2] Shepard also spoke of why he coached Gammon in the role: „You probably know the infamous paternal characters in my plays, the alcoholic Midwesters who leave their families and get lost in the Southwest desert.