Hahn Air has had a successful year. During 2019, the leader in distribution and ticketing solutions added 40 new airlines to its leading network of more than 350 partner airlines. Flights from all new partners can be issued by travel agencies around the world on the Hahn Air Ticket away from insolvency. Offers a simple and cost-effective ticketing solution for airlines without an e-ticket database. An HR-169 plus agreement includes all the services of the HR-169 agreement and opens your airline to the world of ticket distribution by valuing your airline as a ticket-compatible airline. As a ticketing carrier, Hahn Air does not have the right to provide direct assistance in such matters. Please send your request directly to your travel agency or the exporting airline. For airlines that are in at least one GDS, close all your overall distribution gaps and increase your overall autonomy while getting additional revenue. HR-169 offers sales in markets where an airline does not participate in GNP/ARC or does not offer GNP at all. Due to the 100% secure sales on HR-169, it also gives access to agencies in a BSP/ARC company that do not have ticketing authorization from an airline.

If you would like to know more about HR-169, send us an email at abg@hahnair.com. Check airline availability for HR-169 tickets in your country. In the event of a modification of a pnr, for example.B. flight/date/time/fare/booking class, the corresponding document must be submitted at the same time as the modification transaction and include the necessary adaptations. If this is not the case, the reservation may be cancelled due to the control of the ticketing time. Please use the information on www.hahnair.com or support from our service desks to resolve any questions in order to avoid further withdrawals. Hahn Air is an airline. Therefore, we are not able to add a loyalty account to your booking.

Please contact the exporting airline to verify that the frequent flyer program you are a member of is allowed to collect miles on your flights with a ticket. You can also contact your travel agency for assistance. Enter all major GDS and sell your flights through travel agencies around the world. To integrate H1-Air into your distribution channels, all you need to do is operate an inventory system, have a valid IATA code, and be able to provide carpooling, availability, and fare schedules to Hahn Air Systems. We then take care of all the planning, pricing, courier, booking, ticketing and invoicing processes with all the MAIN GDS in the world. Seventeen of the new partner airlines use the HR-169 product and have an interline contract with Hahn Air. The remaining 23 airlines use H1-Air or X1-Air products for airlines that want to expand their presence at GDS through ten major DGS to more than 100,000 travel agencies in 190 markets. 2. Rules and conditions of Hahn Air as a ticketing airline and rules of the marketing airline The quick check tool can be found in the upper right corner on www.hahnair.com.

For the availability of tickets on HR 169 documents in your market, please consult Hahn Air`s quick check tool on www.hahnair.com. Some rates cannot be set on HR documents. Please also respect the basic tariff rules (e.g.B. Sales restrictions, flight restrictions, etc.) filed with the GDS. . . .