If a student needs health treatment due to an injury or illness in the workplace, the WSIB Health Professional report (form 8) must be completed. It is the physician`s responsibility to complete a Form 8 report and forward it to the WSIB. The department must be identified as an employer and the business number 250379-FJ must be included in the report. The use of Form 8 ensures that the WSIB does not register the claim as a request from the ombudsman or school principal. The Education Act states that the Minister of Education may “prescribe the conditions under which and under what conditions board students are considered workers for the purposes of the insurance plan put in place by the Safety and Insurance Act; 1997 to keep students for workers for these purposes and to require a board of directors to reimburse Ontario`s payments made under the insurance plan for such a student. 1 Students are generally not insured during travel to and from the internship.3 Students who are in vocational training or experience-learning programs and who do not receive a salary are taken into account; for WSIA coverage, be a member of the Ministry of Education as soon as the Work Education Agreement (WEA) form is completed and the placement service begins (see “Getting WSIA Coverage” below). Students are entitled to lost services if they suffer an injury or illness (paid or unpaid) during an internship, and if that injury or illness causes them to lose time in the service of the job and/or a part-time job that has nothing to do with the placement. The WSIB calculates the loss of services as follows: this memorandum instructs management and schools regarding coverage under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (WSIA), 1997, for students, including adult learners, who participate in various training programs (also known as experience learning programs) in which the student is considered a worker. These programs include short-term opportunities such as work experience, longer-term opportunities such as co-operative training and practical internships, which may encompass some or all of the individualized programs of some alternative apprenticeship (CSA) students.

A student who suffers from an injury or illness that suffers injury or illness during the employment or education component of the job or experience component during the placement or experience component must report the injury or illness to the employer and teacher concerned with all the details, including the exact time, location and circumstances in which the illness was sustained. A work-related injury or illness that requires only first aid treatment should not be reported to the WSIB, but a recording of the details must be kept by the school`s management. If WSIA coverage has been provided by the ministry, the ministry also requires headteachers to report annually the names of students for whom The Form 7 reports were submitted to the WSIB and work-related injury or illness data for each student.