The position management company may entrust the provision of services to Strata to different post managers, or the contract may be awarded to another licensed real estate management company. Whether this qualifies or how it is managed can be negotiated in the contract between Strata (or a section) and the post management company. 1. The term of office (including an additional term under a renewal option) of a postage director for a rolling regime expires (if the term of office does not end earlier or does not end earlier for another reason): (a) when the head of the company is appointed by the owner company at the first general meeting , at the end of the 12-month period after that appointment or (b) in another case, at the end of the three-year period after the appointment. 2. A person may be re-formed by the owner company at the end of the person`s term of office by decision at a general meeting as the head of a posted plan. 3. The appointment of a delegated postmaster may be terminated in accordance with the act of appointment, if it is made by decision. 4.

The term of a postage director may be extended by the rolling committee up to three months after the end of the term (but not for a period beyond the date of the next general meeting of the owner company) until a decision is made on the recognition of Strata`s Executive Director. 5. However, where a rolling committee has extended the term of a post officer in accordance with this section, the rolling committee must notify the postmaster for at least one month and not renew the appointment. 6. An administrative representative of the position must inform the company that owns the end of a mandate in writing: (a) at least three months before the end of the term and (b) at least one month before the expiry of any renewal of a mandate authorized by this section. 7. An act of appointment of a position director for a period of three years (in accordance with subsection 1 (b) is considered an option for the agent to extend the term of appointment for up to three months after the end of the three-year term, if the owner company decides not to reappoint the agent and if the mandate is not renewed in accordance with subsection 4.