.2 In cases where the hull has been partially extended under the provisions of this Regulation, this results in an increase of one fifth in the width of the ship, but shall not affect the position of intrusion into existing bulkheads, piping systems, etc., which were available before enlargement; (3) the entry into force of the Agreement. The Secretary-General shall transmit to the Secretariat of the United Nations a copy of the Convention for registration and publication, in accordance with Article 102 of the Charter of the United Nations. (e) The Secretary-General shall designate the Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization. Foreship`s naval architects confirmed that the rules of the Stockholm Agreement on water on deck were much more demanding than the current SOLAS rules in 2009. Not only did the design of the ferries match both, but it also matched the upcoming SOLAS 2020 rule proposal. This underlines the importance of the expiry of the Stockholm Agreement. Under this Convention, passenger ships equipped with ro-ro holds or special category places within the meaning of Regulation II-2/3 of the International Convention for the Protection of Life in Proximity at Sea, as amended, shall, at the latest during the first annual verification, comply with the Amax set out in the Annex to the procedure for calculating the survival characteristics of existing ro-ro passenger ships, application of the simplified procedure Method based on resolution A.265 (VIII) (MSC/Circ.574) developed by the Maritime Safety Commission at its 59th session in June 1991: .2, in the worst case, damage to the middle of the ship caused by remaining clearances in the core area, as requested in paragraph 2.1. .6 The information provided to the master in accordance with provisions 7.1 and 7.2 of Parts 2.3 to 2.3.4 shall apply to ships with un modified ro-ro passengers registered in accordance with these requirements. .1 The requirements set out in paragraph 2.3.

of regulation .8 shall be met if account is taken of the hypothetical amount of seawater that is likely to have accumulated on the first deck above the waterline or on the surfaces of the special category marked in ro-ro-ro space in accordance with regulation II-2/3, provided that the bridge is damaged (hereinafter referred to as the defective ro-ro-bridge). The other requirements of Regulation 8 shall not be met by the application of the stability standards established in this Agreement1. The assumed amount of accumulated seawater should be calculated on the basis of the fixed height of the water surface: an increase in the full-board of a ferry, for example, should improve the stability of the damage, as it could absorb more water before capsizing or sinking. However, damage stability can also be improved by increasing the beam, which increases initial stability, i.e. metacentric height (GM), and reduces the risk of capsizing. .3 For ships operating in geographically limited areas, the Administration may reduce the height of the water surface referred to in paragraph .1 by replacing the following water surface height as follows: .2 When a high-efficiency drainage system is installed, the Administration may authorize a reduction in the height of the water surface in accordance with the recommendations of the organization;2 .3 The characteristics of the movement shall be interpreted as a control itable ship: paying particular attention to the range of the ship`s turning radius in the ship`s windshield wipers and longitudinal swings. as advanced….