In accepting the broad grant of privileges, confirmed by this parental agreement, the parents explicitly acknowledge that these powers are not exercised for the purpose of frustration, denial or control of the other parent`s social development. Parents will do their best to cooperate in future plans, in the best interests of the child and in the amicable resolution of disputes that may arise. If one party does not comply with a provision of this plan, the obligations of the other party are not affected by the plan. Parents agree that, in carrying out this child care and education schedule, they should not live more than x minutes away from each other. PandaTip: This custody contract is limited to detention cases and does not contain foreign clauses. It starts with a settlement in which the mother has sole custody. Feel free to change as needed. Our proposal is comprehensive as it is, but also versatile, as all additional or alternative provisions regarding vacation visits, moving contracts, parental drug use or alcohol use or temporary emergency injunctions can be included to meet the needs of each family. You and your co-parent are trying to put in place a child care system that works for your child without including the family court? These custody rules define rules that parents must follow, how they come into contact with and interact with children. Parents may include a provision describing when it is appropriate for a parent to call the children if the children are with the other parent, if the parent and child can communicate in another way (. B for example, phone calls or Skype), etc. Parents may also include provisions that ensure that parents do not use children as messengers and that parents do not speak negatively about each other in front of their parents. All parties agree that the holidays are planned during the parents` regular custody period.

All parties inform the other parent if the child can be reached during the holidays for emergency purposes, including, but not only: address, phone, holiday dates, within 30 days of the holiday. All parties agreed that the following definitions apply to leave for child custody and exchange: Choose, if necessary, from the following standard provisions: Custody agreements are at the heart of divorce and separation when children are involved.