The issue of changing your home is settled in your rental agreement and you have a contractual obligation to comply with the conditions. The program will only help pay the rent deposit through a loan. Or it can also offer other services. But the Council will not be able to help residents find a place to live. That is what the applicant must do. However, the City Council may refer the potential tenant to centres such as the CAB, which may have a list of landlords with a unit to rent. The administrator is available at all times to meet with the tenant and landlord to assess the property. They will ask how the borrowing system works, answer questions and assess other benefits that can help both parties. There may be other programs that offer help. Regardless of the additional amount requested for the grants, all the terms of the three-way agreement on the borrowing program are applied. Chief executive John Bibby said: “Councils can expect much more proactive regulation in the future as a result of the proposals in the Green Paper on Social Housing.” Once you have received a written offer of a property, we will arrange for you to meet with one of the customer service employees for rental registration. You will meet with your tenant administration officer within four weeks of registration.

The regulator will work with the Commission on corrective measures, but has warned that it will not take further action. If you`re thinking about managing one aspect of your lease or needing budgeting or social benefits advice, we can help. It is best to ask for help in your rental at an early stage so that we can provide you with the right support. Talk to customer services Advisor about your registered concerns or contact the tenant management team on 01932 838383. Antisocial behaviour is defined as: – Behaviour that harasses, worries or harasses a person; Behaviour that inconvenient or harasses a person related to that person`s occupation of housing, or behaviours that may inconvenience or annoy a person. anyone who lives with you or visits you – it is your responsibility to ensure that no antisocial behaviour is caused. If we have evidence of antisocial behaviour, we can take steps to extend or end your introductory rent. If you arehaving antisocially in your new home, you can continue to be counselled.