For reservations to be available, you must have already signed the updated Corporate Agreement (uEA) amendment or have an agreement from 2011 or later. The product must have been ordered in advance or be set at the price in the customer price sheet (CPS). b. Device. In this Agreement, “device” means a hardware system (physical or virtual) with an internal storage device on which the software can be run. A hardware partition or blade is considered a device. Microsoft Enterprise Agreement and Microsoft Enterprise Subscription Agreement are commitment-based licensing agreements for commercial organizations that sign a new registration with 500 users/devices* or more, and government organizations with at least 250 users/devices. These agreements work best for organizations that want to license on-premises software and cloud services enterprise-wide over a three-year period and at the best available prices. (iii) device connections. You can allow up to 20 other devices to access the software installed on the licensed device to use the following software functions: file services, print services, internet information services, Internet connection sharing, and telephony services on the licensed device. You can allow any number of devices to access the licensed device software to synchronize data between devices.

However, this section does not mean that you have the right to install the software on any of these other devices or to use the main function of the software (except for the functions listed in this section). (vi) dismantle, decompile or dissaffiliate the Software, or attempt to do so, except to the extent that the above limitation (a) is permitted by applicable law; (b) are permitted by license terms governing the use of open source components that may be included in the Software; or (c) are necessary to debug changes to the Gnu Lesser General Public License libraries associated with the software; and by accepting this Agreement or using the Software, you agree to all of these terms and agree to the transmission of certain information during activation and during your use of the Software, in accordance with the Privacy Policy described in Section 3. If you do not accept and comply with these terms, you may not use the software or its functions. You may contact the device manufacturer, installer, or your reseller if you purchased the software directly to determine their return policies and return the software or device for a refund or credit in accordance with this Policy. You must comply with this policy, which may require you to return the software with the entire device on which the software is installed in order to obtain, if applicable, a refund or credit. (ii) Multiple or pooled connections. Hardware or software that you use to multiplex or pool connections or reduce the number of devices or users that access or use the software does not reduce the number of licenses required….