The Industrial Revolution and reconstruction after World War II helped them develop. The rest of the world is catching up. Other political systems are advanced and advanced without democracy. If it goes back in history, it is full of examples: the Romans, the Chinese Tang Dynasty, the Indian Gupta Dynasty, the Islamic Caliphate of the Abbasids, etc. Today, all we have to do is look at China, Singapore or the Gulf countries to see the same thing. No need for democracy to run a prosperous country. Today, modern democracy is the best form of power to govern a country, whether large or small, rich or poor, educated or not. We must always aspire to a liberal democracy that is seen as the primary objective of all governments. The most humane way of governing people under governance is also called the democratic form of republic.

The limited conception of representative democracy is: “Cynicism is a laziness that disguises itself as wisdom.” The most common argument against democracy is that voters are not informed. But voters don`t need to be political experts to make reasonable decisions. We all rely on “information connections” to make decisions. Whether it`s political parties, opinion leaders, experts, election campaigns, or media reports, there`s a lot of information that helps the average Joe form a political opinion. Of course, you can sometimes fool some people, but you can`t fool everyone all the time. We can cite the following arguments in favor of democracy: democracy can lead to instability if leaders are constantly changing within a democratic government.