CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)-Exelon Corp. and its subsidiary ComEd announced today that ComEd has entered into an agreement with the U.S. Attorney`s Office for the Northern District of Illinois to resolve the previously published investigation into ComEd`s historical lobbying practices in Illinois. The resolution ends the Justice Department`s (DOJ) investigation into ComEd. As part of the three-year deferred prosecution agreement, ComEd agreed to make payments totalling $200 million and agreed to the government`s filing of a single charge, which will be rejected at the end of the three-year period, provided it meets all the terms of the agreement. The fine is not recovered in instalments or invoiced to the customer. The conduct at issue in the agreement concerns only ComEd and the agreement does not contain any allegation of fault on the part of Exelon or Exelon Generation. The deal resolves the government`s investigation into both ComEd and exelon. The Securities and Exchange Commission`s investigation and related civil remedies are still ongoing.

On Friday, the U.S. Attorney`s Office in Chicago unveiled an indictment document and an agreement — known as deferred prosecutions — in which Commonwealth Edison, Illinois` largest electricity supplier, is accused of corruption. The deal was reached less than a year after WBEZ first announced the nature of the federal investigation into whether ComEd had hired politically related contractors – some with ties to Illinois House spokesman Michael Madigan – to secure favorable government action, including electricity price hikes. From the outset of the investigation, ComEd cooperated fully and substantially with the US Crown and has since taken significant corrective action. ComEd`s recovery and cooperation efforts were expressly acknowledged by the government in the resolution agreement. In addition to the fine and the obligation to continue to cooperate with state investigations, ComEd`s commitments under the Deferred Prosecution Agreement include improving the compliance program and providing annual reports to the government on remediation and implementing its compliance measures. If ComEd fails or fails to meet all of its obligations under the agreement within the three-year period, the U.S. Attorney`s Office may prosecute the offending offense. The U.S. Attorney`s Office for the Northern District of Illinois said on July 17 that it had agreed to postpone the prosecution of a corruption charge against exelon Corp.`s subsidiary for three years and to try to dismiss that charge if ComEd meets certain conditions. The deferred prosecution agreement requires ComEd to pay a $200 million fine, continue to cooperate with the government`s investigation, and improve its corporate compliance program. ComEd`s criminal investigation is resolved by a deferred prosecution agreement, in which ComEd admitted that it had arranged jobs, supplier subcontracts, and subcontracts for various employees of a senior official elected for the state of Illinois, in order to support the official`s efforts with respect to legislation relating to ComEd and its affairs, .