Rather, these advanced Chevrolet warranties are a service agreement that binds you to use Chevrolet services for the remainder of the time you want to keep your car. It`s very handy for people who want to keep everything they buy with and for their car with Chevrolet, but that comfort comes at a premium price with few options for flexible payment plans. Another restriction is that it is only accepted by participating Chevrolet dealers, and unfortunately, not all of them are. General Motors is currently exploring options for cost reduction as part of its restructuring plan. One such option is the expansion of the Rayong plant in Thailand to add additional capacity for export from Colorado to the United States. This would close the plant in Shreveport, Louisiana (where Colorado is also produced). This scenario is only plausible if a free trade agreement is signed between the United States. But United`s poor performance in the square, coupled with the parent company of the General Motors car brand, which feels it has paid too much for the initial partnership, seems to mean that the US auto group is reluctant to extend the deal beyond the 2020/21 season. However, there are reports that a new agreement could still be reached. According to a statement published in United`s latest financial results, “in August 2020, due to disruptions caused by the pandemic, [Manchester United] entered into a modification agreement with General Motors (Chevrolet) to extend the expiry date of the original jersey sponsorship agreement for a period of six months, until December 31, 2021. The American carmaker has been at the front of the Premier League giants` jerseys since 2014 as part of a monster deal with the £450 million ($563 million) club until 2021. The football giants of the Premier League see a new deal, as the car brands at the 2021 renewal baulks. General Motors Japan Limited currently markets and markets sonic, Captiva, Camaro and Corvette in limited numbers through an agreement with Yanase Co., Ltd.