The CO identifies the goods and contains an explicit attestation from a governmental authority or other authorised body attesting that the goods in question come from a given country. Data Elements for the Australian Certificate of Origin – 19 CFR 10.724The alternative to presenting the Certificate of Origin can be used by Australian manufacturers and exporters as well as by US importers if they certify that their products meet the requirements of the Australian Free Trade Agreement. International Trade Commission Publication 3722: This publication contains the HTSUS General Note 28 as well as a list of duty-free goods upon entry into force, as well as the exit plan for goods that, over time, will be exempt from customs duties. Model Certificate of Origin Any entitlement to preferences under the Australian Free Trade Agreement must be supported by a Certificate of Origin attesting to the origin status of the imported product. This link provides a PDF template that shows how to structure such a certificate of origin. The template is filled out and users can use it. Its use or the respect of its structure is in no way obligatory. However, in accordance with the applicable rules, all data elements referred to therein must continue to be made available to CBP, upon request, as part of a claim for preferential tariff treatment. In addition to the above rules of origin, there may be other possibilities for qualifying your product: Australian export products that wish to benefit from preferential treatment must be accompanied by appropriate documents of origin, such as ChAFTA certificates of origin, completed in accordance with the requirements of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement. For Australian exporters, products “originating” from ChAFTA and eligible for the ChAFTA Certificate of Origin are usually: Step 5: Transmit the printed original to your importer in the color paper version of the ChAFTA Certificate of Origin. Don`t forget to print the page notes. ChAFTA certificates of origin or other certificate of origin documents under the ChAFTA must prove to the Chinese customs authorities the originating status of their products so that their importer can benefit from the reduced rates of customs duties under the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement.

For more information, please contact our team by email at or phone 1300 776 063. The U.S.-Australia Free Trade Agreement does not require a specific certificate. You may be asked by the importer or the Australian Customs Service to provide information in support of a claim for preferential treatment. For more information on what needs to be registered, see the Free Trade Agreement on Certificates of Origin. • be wholly obtained in Australia (or Australia and China) from materials classified as “originating” in accordance with the rules of origin; or a ChAFTA Certificate of Origin is a document proving that the goods originate in Australia in accordance with the provisions of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement. The free trade agreement has opened markets for services such as life insurance and express delivery, improved intellectual property protection, and helped facilitate U.S. investment through predictable access and a stable business environment. For the first time, in many industries, U.S. companies are not allowed to compete in a discriminatory way with Australian government purchases. U.S.

agricultural exports receive duty-free treatment, including processed food products, fruits and vegetables, corn and soybeans. The free trade agreement has also made progress in the area of e-commerce and market access for medicines. Australia FTA Text: The full text of the agreement. For goods that have not been fully purchased, you must adhere to the product`s rule of origin, usually through a tariff lag or regional content of value….